The falling block in Wyoming

“The Falling Block” is a 75 feet high block. The name derives from its appearance that makes it seem out of place, like fallen from above. It is an allegedly natural formation that looks perfectly squared and artificially leveled at the top.

It’s located  in the Eastern part of the Bighorn, in the plateau northwest of the Dihedrals Wall. Unfortunately, there are really few info about this rock except for climber guides and websites, as this is a great spot for them to climb. The descent to this site is described being  very steep and “undeniably nasty”. It is therefore a place scarcely visited by people.

This could obviously be a natural formation, but then the marks throughout just one side of the stone would be a really strange coincidence. But even for those who maintain the natural hypothesis this is a weird structure for two reasons: it is the only stone block in a very wide area, and it really looks like it was artificially shaped. It is perfectly squared and leveled at the top, and it has the same marks of many other megalithic man made structures in the world. The rock is actually very smooth, giving a tough time even to the experienced climbers.

Interestingly enough, Wyoming hosts other megalithic sites such as the “Medicine Wheel”, a stone circle similar to Stonehenge, as well as a megalithic settlement unlikely built by Native Americans, which had a different, non megalithic style of construction as displayed in their old settlements.

The Medicine Wheel
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