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"A new scientific truth does not generally triumph by persuading its opponents and getting them to admit their errors, but rather by its opponents gradually dying out and giving way to a new generation that is raised on it."

This is a space where everyone can explore the works of mankind from a remote past, including the megalithic marvels, the ancient rock art, and the sacred texts of the ancient world.

Although history and archaeology have come a long way and successfully given us an incredibly detailed view of the past, reconstructing our remote past is extremely complicated.

Many traditions and beliefs were transmitted orally for millennia, and many documents of antiquity were destroyed, often leaving space to nothing more than hypotheses and speculations to try to make a realistic picture of our remote past.

When doing so, these theories often become incongruent and inconsistent.

We want to give our users a broader look at the enigmas of our past by giving them all of the theories and perspectives about them, even those considered to be “non-mainstream”.

Our goal is to do so without losing touch with a scientific approach, logic, and reality.

Therefore, you won’t find fringe or unrealistic theories here, but plausible and researched facts, mostly by scholars that see flaws in the mainstream theories.

We don’t claim to have the final answer to those enigmas, but different, rational explanations that are worth considering rather than being regardlessly discarded.

Remember: most of the mainstream theories regarding the building of megalithic sites, and interpretations about symbols and traditions of remote cultures, are conjectures that were made through speculation, just as much as the non-mainstream ones.

Here, our users are able to explore those theories and make their own idea about them.

The Ancient Connection Team

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