The Outskirts Of Cuzco

megalithic structure in Inkilltambo, Cuzco

The outskirts of Cuzco are densely filled with logic-defying megalithic structures.

These strange complexes feature laser-cut pieces of stone that seemingly make any sense. From hollowed out squares carved directly into huge slabs of rocks, to stairs that apparently lead to nowhere, to shapes that are just abstract.

We know, however, that any civilization that was able to achieve this level of craftsmanship was highly intelligent, and must’ve done things for a very specific purpose.

The thing is, they probably just don’t make sense to our modern eyes.

Were they quarries? If so, why some of the stone walls from which the blocks were quarried are completely polished? Why take care of smoothing and polishing a stone wall, if it only served as a quarry?

Were they bigger complexes, and we are just watching the few remains of very ancient structures?

One thing is certain: stretching for miles around Cuzco, the megalithic civilization that settled in this space built so many structures in and around the city that the whole area must’ve looked otherworldly in ancient times.



Megalithic ruins at Inkilltambo, Cusco

Megalithic ruins at Inkilltambo, Cuzco



Megalithic structure in Chinchero, Peru, Cuzco



Door leading to nowhere made with polygonal masonry, Kallachaka, Cuzco, Peru



Locaed Norh of Cuzco, this area is home to several enigmatic megalithic structureswhich ae labeled as “temples”.

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