The Megalithic portal of Aramu Muru

Aramu Muru megalithic door

Out of all the megalithic structures shrouded in mystery scattered throughout South America, Aramu Muru, also known as “The Portal of the Gods” might take the spot as the most enigmatic and baffling.

Located in a strategical position of Perù that has a direct line with Lake Titicaca and Puma Punku, with no inscriptions and no drawings on it, appears this massive “stargate” style portal directly carved into the side of a mountain.

No actual archaeological excavations were ever made on site because of the rough morphological conditions, yet somehow a remote civilization was able to smoothly shape this side of a mountain to make it look like a doorway – and a perfect one indeed.

The carved block is in fact a stunningly precise 7×7 square without any margin error.

Inside the block, is a T-shaped “door” (much like a hollowed-out T pillar that can be found at Gobekli Tepe”) with a hole inside of it, through which people have reported feeling incredible energy.

Aramu Muru megalithic stargate


Legend has it that an Incan priest found a gold disk the perfect size of the hole, inserted the disk into it, and opened the door.

Myths aside, this structure is really one of a kind and quite inexplicable even for modern scientists.

What is most enigmatic, are the precise, linear “cuts” that stretch throughout the whole artificially carved rock, which seem like an unusual method was used to split and carve the rock.

Megalithic portal Aramu Muru Perù

Besides, what would’ve been the need to perform such cuts, in such a hard stone, afterward, when the structures were already finished?

Last but not least, the top of the mountain where the strange portal is carved looks quite unnatural, almost like it was “molten” in a distant time.

There is still no kind of explanation for this unique structure coming from the academic world, if not a theory maintaining it was an unfinished Inca construction.

If the Inca were such skilled engineers, how come they didn’t understand it wasn’t feasible to build there before wasting so much time and energy to finish this portal?

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